Holidays on Baikal in winter

Baikal is magnificent at any time of the year, not only in summer. Clean air and stunning scenery attract pure nature-lovers from around the world. Do not be afraid that due to the fact that in winter severe frosts fall on Lake Baikal, an unprepared tourist can only look sadly out the window. This is completely untrue! Holidays on Lake Baikal in winter is a whole range of fascinating adventures that will appeal to both adults and children..

For you to spend an unforgettable winter vacation, the Baikal View Hotel offers guests numerous excursions and additional services at the hotel itself. Sparkling snow, a high blue sky, a sea of sun, millennial cliffs and lake ice, frozen in bizarre patterns. Something that you will see only on Lake Baikal!



The best winter period for a trip to Lake Baikal is January-March. At this time, the ice cover on the lake is already well formed and allows you to move around by cars (along the official highway) or skate. The thickness of the ice is heterogeneous and ranges from 70 to 130 cm.

Sometimes, snowfalls and powerful winds may occur, but such weather does not last long and is replaced by sunny cloudless days, so winter holidays on Lake Baikal will be full of positive emotions and comfort.


The Baikal View Hotel offers the best winter holidays on Baikal in 2023. For our guests, we have prepared a wide list of fascinating trips and entertainments:

  • A trip to Cape Khoboy. The cost is about 1100 rubles / person as part of a group; 10,000 rubles for private car from1 to 8 people.
  • Travel to the South. The cost is about 1300 rubles / person as part of a group; 12,000 rubles for private car from1 to 8 people.
  • Walk on winter Baikal on an air cushion. It is ordered individually. The cost is about 20-25 thousand rubles., Duration is approximately 1.5-2 hours.
  • Ice skating on the smooth transparent ice of Lake Baikal. The cost is 200 rubles per day. Hotel has a few pairs of skates if you need. Additional equipment can be rented in Khuzhir, the cost is about 150 rubles per hour.
  • Tubing. In January, a high slide is poured near the hotel, along which you can go down with the breeze. The cost of renting a tube is 200-400 rubles. Note: a hill lift is not provided.
  • Ice fishing. In January, you can catch perch, roach, pike, dace. In February, fishermen prefer to go away from the coast and catch burbot, grayling or famous Baikal omul.
  • Drive on the ice of Lake Baikal by car. The official route between Kurkut and Irkutsk Bay opens in mid-February.
  • Visits to numerous grottoes. Ice Grottoes is a natural museum that looks mysterious and magnificent. It is a wonderful place for unique photos and videos that will be perfect for your Instagram.
  • “Kiss of Baikal”. A special ritual during which a hole is hollowed out on the surface of the ice and filled with vodka. People usually drink ice vodka from a hole with or without straw.
  • Riding on ICE Baik - a special “bike” designed for riding on ice.
  • Horseback riding. It is carried out only in good weather. The cost is about 1,500 rubles per hour.
  • Skiing. To get to the forest you need to book a transfer in advance.

The Baikal View Hotel is happy to provide its guests with detailed information about all excursions and recreational activities. Dear guests! Please note that some excursions must be booked in advance to form a group.

Before you go on a trip, we recommend you to consider your wardrobe:

  • For active physical activities (skiing, skating), choose light but warm clothes that do not constrain movements.
  • For long walks and snowmobiling, it is good to have insulated clothes that protect from the wind, which often blows on the Olkhon island at this time of the year.


In addition to exciting excursions and active winter recreation in the fresh air, the Baikal View Hotel offers the following range of services:

  • Delicious food in our restaurant, consisting of European, Asian and local dishes.
  • Arranging a meeting with shaman for a personal conversation.
  • Visiting sauna with wooden deck chairs and a relaxation room. The cost is 1000 rubles per hour with the number of not more than 5 people. If the company is more than 5 people, the price is 250 rubles for one. The total number of guests in the sauna should not exceed 10.
  • Bicycle rental, Ice Bike in the winter season.
  • Sale of souvenir products including cosmetics made from natural materials.
  • Organization of celebrations (weddings, banquets).

Unlike other hotels and camp sites, the Baikal View Hotel accepts guests from January 15 to October 20. On the website, you can book a room and read reviews of guests who have already managed to visit us.



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