Baikal View Cafe

The Baikal View Cafe is situated on the legendary site of the Olkhon Island on Baikal Lake. The panoramic windows offer a magnificent view of the Shaman Cliff, one of the 9 shrines of Asia. The Shaman Cliff, also known as the Cape of Burkhan, serves as a visiting card of the Lake, one of the most famous and indispensable sights of Lake Baikal. The image of this cape is featured in every film or photo album about Baikal. Here you will be able to enjoy a great variety of drinks, good coffee, healthy dishes of European cuisine, traditional Buuz, deserts, and ice cream, all these treats will complement and diversify your stay at our hotel on Olkhon Island. Coffee is the special source of pride for the Baikal View Cafe. The Partner is our chief partner and supplier which is known for supplying the freshly roasted coffee of the highest quality. The Baikal View Cafe was founded, first and foremost, as a place for family retreat, also suitable for youth and couple with small children. That’s why the menu at this cafe contains only soft drinks. We have also introduced fresh bread and many deserts to our menu. It’s a special point of pride for us because we have our own bakery directly at the cafe.

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